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How Long Should Models Do TFCD's ?

Jan 7, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story by:Taylor Alexander

As a new model starting in this industry how long do you do TFCD? Good question. First lets start by explaining what TFCD/TFP is and what it is to be used for.

TFCD or TFP stands for time for CD or prints. This simply means no one gets paid but you both get to use the images produced for your portfolios. The purpose of this little industry tool was to build portfolios for starting models & photographers. Now that being said, you are no longer a new model starting out if you are have been doing TFCD's for two years! Some models in the business work with different photographers and keeping tell all of them they are just starting to build up their ports. This in addition to a growing trend in the industry as a whole to request TFCD/TFP shoots, is really hurting the industry.

Experienced models that are expecting to get compensated for their model talents are easily undercut by the next eager up-in-coming model willing and ready to get to work for free.

Experienced Photographers are effected by the TFCD trend as well because models expect to get shoots done without pay.

We know that everyone who picks up a camera is not photographer. No more than everyone in front of the camera is a model. It takes a lot of work, experience and education to excel in both fields. Both sides should be compensated for their talent and efforts.

This trend of TFCD/TCP request is putting a huge hole in the industry and is almost at the point that it is expected between both parties. As a new model starting out try to remember that we are all in this business together. Use TFCD's to build your portfolio, but please don't take advantage of policy that was designed to help you in the first place.


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