Sexy Renata Frisson

Sep 9, 2009 Leave a Comment

Name: Renata Frisson
Nickname: Mellon Woman
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Renata Frisson AKA Mulher Melao or Woman Mellon is a model and dancer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is a dancer with the famous " Watermelon Girl" Andressa Soares. Who before going solo was in the dance group with one hit wonder MC Creu.

Check out some of her videos...

Renata Frisson (in white) video was taken at studio for Beat98 FM radio dancing with Ellen Cardoso (Mulher Strawberry Shortcake).

Sexy Renata goes in the tube!

Sexy Renata from the "Rainhas do Carnaval" See why she is know as "Woman Mellon"

She just keep getting sexier and sexier!

Renata's sexy bikini photoshoot.



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