25 Sexiest Weather Girls

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Welcome to Become Magazine's Annual 25 Sexiest Weather Girls

It's our annual 25 Sexiest Weather Girls list. For the 2nd annual list we looked for the sexiest weather girls from around the web to form our 25 beautiful weather girls Our list has cute weather girls, hot weather girls, and girls next door, but most importantly they are all the sexiest weather girls we could find. From number 25 all the way to the sexiest weather girl ever

From the weather angels to mayte carranco to uk weather girls to the hotties on sky news all 100% sexy! After hearing the weather from any of these sexy meteorologist, everyday will have a warm front coming in! Our list is of the 25 sexiest weather girls. There are plenty of sexy newscasters out there....Robin Meade for one comes to mind (that is another list for another time), but this list is only weather chicks! Of course again this year we included weather videos for the top 10 so you can see them in motion.

If you think we missed your favorite meteorologist from our list leave us a comment and let us know.

So let's get started....

  1. Mayte Carranco - Mexico's MTY Television

There is just not enough words in the English or any other language to describe how sexy this woman is. Mayte tops our list for the second straight year.

2. Sugey Abrego -
Matutino Express, Mexico

Sugey wasn't more than a blip on our list last year, but after we saw Maxim Mexico in April of 2009 and then the June 2009 issue of Hombre, we were sold. This is one very sexy woman.

3. Jackie Johnson - KCAL
Los Angeles, USA

Jackie is a mainstay on most sexy weather reporter list and for good reason. Every year she keeps getting sexier...if that is possible! Jackie is once again within our top three.

4. Michelle Galvan -
Mexico's MTY Television

5. Jackie Guerrido - Univision

6. Dagmar Midcap - WGCL Atlanta, GA USA

7. Weather Angels - New Zealand

8. Barbara Bermundo - Primer Impacto
(She is not really a weather girl but look at her.....nuff said)

9. Jill Nicolini - WB11 New York

10. Gaal Nomei -
TV2 Hungary

11. Elita Loresca - KNBC Los Angeles, CA USA

12. Lisa Burke - Sky News, UK

13. Gabriela Grechi - TG4, Italy

14. Mary Gamarra - Telemundo

15. Monica Escamilla - TV Azteca

16. Aloha Taylor - Fox
5, San Diego, CA

17. Dominica Davis - Fox News, USA

18. Alexandra Steele - The Weather Channel

19. Angie Gonzalez - Multimedios TV

20. Sangita Patel - The Weather Network, Canada

21. Stephanie Abrams - Weather Channel

22. Ariane Brodier - France

23. Bridgett Williams - NBC Augusta, GA

24. Vera Jimenez - KTLA Los Angeles. CA

25. Molly Rosenblatt - abc26 New Orleans

2010 Become Magazine's 25 Sexiest Weather Girls

  1. Mayte Carranco
  2. Sugey Abrego
  3. Jackie Johnson
  4. Michelle Galvan
  5. Jackie Guerrido
  6. Dagmar Midcap
  7. The Weather Angels
  8. Barbara Bermundo
  9. Jill Nicolini
  10. Gaal Nomei
  11. Elita Loresca
  12. Lisa Burke
  13. Gabriela Grechi
  14. Mary Gamarra
  15. Monica Escamilla
  16. Aloha Taylor
  17. Dominica Davis
  18. Alexandra Steele
  19. Angie Gonzalez
  20. Sangita Patel
  21. Stephanie Abrams
  22. Ariane Brodier
  23. Bridgett Williams
  24. Vera Jimenez
  25. Molly Rosenblatt


  • vogelfd said:  

    10. Gaal Nomei -> Gaál Noémi

  • Anonymous said:  

    aloha taylor should be higher on your list she hot

  • Anonymous said:  

    for me Number 25 is Number 1!

  • Anonymous said:  

    number 24 excellent choice

  • Anonymous said:  

    Number 23 is #1 for me

  • Anonymous said:  

    check out this Jen Abrams! She's a little hottie blonde who I see covers fashion in ny and philly. i met her at event last week and she's not only beautiful she's such a sweet person

  • Anonymous said:  

    You missed Lucy Verasamy from Daybreak on ITV in the UK, Never know what the weather is doing when she presents!!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Leslie Lopez, morning weather girl on KUSI San Diego. Check her out.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ya I say Leslie Lopez too. Never listennto the weather, too distracted http://www.kusi.com/story/15116261/leslie-lopez

  • Anonymous said:  

    Where's Shenna Parveen from CBS in Philly ?

  • Anonymous said:  

    You need to check into the San Diego TV market a bit more...Dagmar here now, Leslie Lopez, Aloha, Chrissy Russo, and more... San Diego has a corner on the market. Period.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Leslie Lopez, morning weather girl on KUSI San Diego, is a FUCKING SEXY BITCH WITH BIG TITS, BIG ASS, AND SMOOTH THIGHS!

  • Anonymous said:  

    You missed it big time. Leslie Lopez is as hot as anyone on your list!

  • Joe Gomez said:  

    #24. needs to go.
    I sadly went to school with this slut. Look up pics of her without make up and you will rate her as a #10000

  • Oscar Sevilla said:  

    You need to check out Evelyn Taft from KCAL 9 in Los Angeles!!!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Don't forget Bri Winkler, channel 7

  • Anonymous said:  

    Leslie Lopez, morning weather girl, on KUSI San Diego is the hottest right now!

  • Anonymous said:  

    leslie lopez confirm it. trust me and anonymous above me^..
    its ok, you just dont know, youll thank us later. easily top 5, if not 3 or 1.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Leslie Lopez, KUSI San Diego weather girl is gorgeous/beautiful

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