Dani Sperle - Sexy Dancing and Working Out

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Dani Sperle

Dani Sperle is a dancer on a program seen throughout Brazil called Calderao de Huck. The 30 year old model and samba dancer recently broke a record for the smallest scrap of clothing ever in a Carnival parade. I didn't think there was even such a record, but I guess there is. The O Globo Newspaper reported that Dani sported a sparkly silver headdress, armbands and a patch of cloth measuring 1.2 inches (you know what that covers) in front of 80,000 Sambadrome spectators. She is starting to become quite popular. See how wearing something as small as a band-aid on your who-ha can just boost your career.

We found two photos of the event just for you. Remember these are not WORK SAFE! Well really nothing on Club Lower 48 is work safe.....never mind. Proceed. PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2

Dani doing some sexy dancing. Not sure where this is? Looks like it is at Beat98 FM's studios.

Dani shows us how she keeps such a sexy body with this work out routine.



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