Chelsey Is Mostly....Hot!

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Story: Mike C.
Photos: Submitted by Chelsey Clouse

Model (name):Chelsey Maygan Clouse Height: 5'2 Weight: 106 Measurements:24 waist, bust 32 D Nationality: Spanish/German Hometown:Sandy Utah DOB: June 29th 1989 Sign: Cancer

Turn-ons: Guys eyes and personality are a must.. I like responsible guys that know what they are doing with their life and don't just want to party every week.
Turn-offs: Players that aren't responsible and don't have anything going for them.. Also I hate guys with bad teeth and bad taste in fashion.
Occupation: Barista at a coffee shop

Being here in Seattle Washington...I know coffee. Seattle was just recently ranked the highest in coffee consumption for the second straight year! Here at the home of coffee giant Starbucks, we don't just drink coffee...coffee is our lifeblood. We have more than just a few coffee stands here in the "Emerald City", but for some reason I really want to make the drive from Seattle to Utah just for a "Mocha Latte!" I have no idea what the coffee taste like at the coffee shop Chelsey works at and I don't care. Chelsey can serve me the worst coffee ever and I wouldn't complain. This sexy barista is hot enough to melt all the snow in Utah.

We got a chance to interview the sexy Chelsey.

BecomeMagazine.net: So how did you get into modeling?
Chelsey: I have always like taking pictures and I just tried it for fun. I have had many porn type of offers but I don't really want to get into modeling that way.

BecomeMagazine.net: Yeah. The porn road to modeling is not always the best way to go. So what is the hardest part about a photoshoot for you?
Chelsey: Knowing what to wear to a photoshoot is very hard for me.. I like when the photographer tells me what to wear because that way I can make my outfit look really good!

BecomeMagazine.net: I think you could make a paper bag look really good without much effort! So besides "beautiful", how would your friends describe you in ONE word?
Chelsey: Bitchy
BecomeMagazine.net: Wow! Bitchy and beautiful now that's sexy. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Chelsey: Had sex in the same room as my friend!
BecomeMagazine.net: Okay, we really want to hear more about that story but I know that we may not be able to do the rest of the interview. Now I have to ask. What do you normally sleep in?
Chelsey: My bra and shorts

BecomeMagazine.net: That's great! What would say is your best feature?
Chelsey: My boobs

BecomeMagazine.net: Yes, we like the twins too! So what type of clothes do you normally wear?
Chelsey: I live in good old Utah so its usually jeans in the winter or a cute dress with leggings and shorts and summer dresses in the summer time!!
BecomeMagazine.net: What is your favorite movie right now?
Chelsey: Clueless will always be my all time favorite movie.. I wish I could have liked like that growing up more then anything!!!

BecomeMagazine.net: Who would you most like to work with and why?
Chelsey: Right now, Justin Grant.. He is the most amazing photographer in Utah and I want to get to the point of doing great and working with him one day!!

BecomeMagazine.net: Okay Justin, if your listening out there. Call this girl up please! So what type of modeling do you like the best?
Chelsey: I like glamour the most. but because my boobs and etc i always seam be shot as a porn star (laughing).

BecomeMagazine.net: What magazine would you like to be on the most?
Chelsey: Sports Illustrated by far is the best!!

BecomeMagazine.net: We would agree. If you have made it to S.I. you have truly made it. What is the best thing about modeling?
Chelsey: Getting to meet fun and new people and the excitement of people noticing you and picking you for a project they have thought out.

BecomeMagazine.net: Which internet sites do you spend most of your time when on-line?
Chelsey: (laughing) well myspace a couple times a day and Model Mayhem a couple times a day also!! Im addicted to both!

BecomeMagazine.net: Where do you want modeling to take you?
Chelsey: To LA baby.. I don't belong in Utah its just not right for me!

Become Magazine.net: Thank you for taking time-out to talk with us and we hope to see you in California someday soon.

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    WOW good to know you guys steal pics and make up FAKE conversations here!

  • Become Magazine said:  

    Yes this is ALL fake!! Thats why she is in our logo which BTW is on HER myspace page and she is on the top of our myspace page because we don't know her or never talked to her...hmmmm....we didn't know we could control what other people post on their own pages..wow now that is amazing!

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