So Sexy With It - Alana Marie

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Photo:Submitted by Alana
Additional Graphics:19th Letter

Name: Alana Marie

Location: Rochester, NY
Sexi Meter: Off the scale!

We finally got a chance to sit down with very sexy Alana. She first appeared in our A DIME A DAY section the day after the Super Bowl. Pittsburg fans would have noticed her reppin' the Steeler colors. Arizona fans may not have noticed her at all, but I don't see how they could have missed this bombshell, even in Steeler's black and gold.

BM: What got you into modeling?
Alana: My boyfriend secretly entered me into a contest and that was what sparked my interest in modeling. I like the creativity aspect and becoming a different character in each photo.

BM: Well thank you Mr. Boyfriend, for real. So where did you grow up?
I grew up in Rochester, NY

BM: I know the area. Was born in Philly myself. I miss the east coast sometimes. So were you a tomboy or a girlie girl growing up?
Alana: I was a tomboy. My father played and coached softball and my mother would bring me to the games and I would play softball with the other boys. When I entered high school I got all into cheerleading and became girly.

Cheerleader. That's cool. Did you always want to be a model growing up?

Alana:No growing up I always wanted to be a professional softball player and an actress. I was always involved in every school play and I was even writing scripts and making my sisters become my actors (laughing).

BM:Your name is very pretty is it a family name?

Alana:No. My mom was pregnant with me at a restaurant with my father and she heard another woman call her daughter, Alana and she loved the name. It's actually a Russian name.

You have beautiful features what is your ethnic background?

Alana:I am 100% Puerto Rican.

BM:Hey I love it! Represent!What was the best pick up line that you have ever heard?

Alana:I haven't really heard any good ones (laughing). But I heard some bad ones.
BM: Okay (laughing). So you got some bad ones? Like what?
Alana:Like will you marry me? Or are you from Tennessee because your the only ten I see. I was like oh no I'm from Rochester (laughing).

BM: Now that's funny (laughing). I'm from Rochester! We don't agree with the whole "ten I see" thing cause we'd put you at a 12 at least! So you want to play the "OR GAME" with us?
Alana: Sure.

BM: Great let's go.

Beer or wine? Beer
Chocolate covered cherries or chocolate covered peanuts? Chocolate covered peanuts
Dancing all night or sleeping all day? Dancing all night

I.Q. or G.Q.? I.Q.

BM: Great answers Alana. So if you could describe yourself in only two words what would they be?
Alana: Sports fanatic

BM: If you could say two words to our new president what would it be?
Alana: We can

BM: If you got a million dollars today what is the first thing you would do with it?
Alana: I would pay off my student loans.

BM: Oh yeah. We can all relate to the student loan issue. So what is playin
g on your ipod these days?
Alana: Britney Spears, Reggaeton, Pussycats Dolls, Lil Wayne, T.I., Beyonce, Victor Manuelle, Adventura, Kanye West.

BM: That's alot of variety. What is your sexiest body part?
Alana: I think my lips. They are juicy and full. They are my best asset (laughing).

BM: Yes, they are very nice. How about turn on's for you. What is your biggest turn on's?
Alana: Goofy, athletic men who are humble.

BM: Biggest turn offs?
Alana: Conceited, selfish, all into themselves men

BM: Yeah, nobody likes the whole selfish thing. Okay, if you were a type of ice cream what kind would you be and why?
Alana: MMMM This is an interesting question. Ok. I would love to be chocolate because that's my favorite flavor but I would be Neopolitan because I got a lil something for everyone.

BM: Wow! I think that is the best answer we ever got to that question (laughing). What was the best advise given to you?
Alana: To stay humble and be true to yourself.

BM: What advise can you give someone just starting in modeling?
Alana: I would say to be true to yourself. Sticking to what you believe in is very important because you can easily get sucked into going down the wrong path. Be aggressive and stand out from the crowd. Don't do what every girl is doing.

BM: Where can your fans find more of Alana?
Alana: They can find more of me on
at myspace. com/alanar2.

BM: Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?
Alana: I would like to say Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails of love and support. I truly appreciate it. I will continue to hustle to make it to the top and you guys are coming with me. Love ya always.

BM: Thank you Alana. You are beautiful inside and out. We will be here to help support your climb to the top of the industry.


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