GIRLS NEXT DOOR - Coli The Go-Go Getter

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Story: Staff
Photos: Submitted by Coli

Coli's Favorites

COLOR - Black/Grey/Indigo
MUSICIAN - Ville Valo
MOVIE - Twilight
ACTOR OR ACTRESS - Robert Pattinson
TYPE OF FOOD - Asian/Mexican
SPORTS TEAM - The Cowboys!
PERFUME - Pumpkin Spice

BM: How long have you been modeling?
Coli: Ive been modeling since 2005 but not seriously until mid 2007.

BM: We love your look. What is your ethnic background?
Coli:Cherokee,Powhatan,& Mulatto.

BM: So you are a GoGo freestyle bellydancer how did you get started in that?
Coli: I got into bellydancing in 2003 and my obsession with it met its height in 2006 I loved it. I still do, its a source of freedom. As for GoGo its fun, you can let yourself go and move with the rhythm of the crowd and the music around you, its awesome!

BM: Sounds cool. What do you like most about bellydancing?
Coli: It teaches you a lot about your body as a woman, how to move your hips, isolate them, exercise them, its great for keeping a toned tummy!

BM:What type of modeling is your favorite?
Coli: It would have to be a tie between car show modeling and glamour.

BM: What is the hardest part about modeling?
Coli: Watching out for shady people and scammers.

What magazine would you most like to be on the cover of?
Coli: Maxim,Import Tuner,Show.

What type of kiss is your favorite type?
Coli: The kind of kisses that tug at your heart strings and give you butterflies.

BM: When was your best model shoot and why?
Coli: I can't say that I've had a best, I've had some that I've enjoyed more than others in it shows in how much I've shot with them and how the images came out.

BM: Are you available or taken?
Coli: My lips are sealed.....

BM: What would you say is your sexiest body part?
Coli: It's a 3 way tie between my lips my eyes and my boobs.
BM: Now that's the kind of race we like to see. So what advise can you give to someone who wants to start modeling?
Watch your back and network!

BM: So you are available for bookings how can someone get a hold of you?
Coli: Serious Inquiries can ADD and message me on
OR Email me @

Thanks Coli!!


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