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Do You Wanna See Sexy Ms. Johnson!

Temptress Video Magazine was created for those who
appreciate the beauty of the well rounded, sophisticated
urban woman. Models with not only pure elegant beauty,
but brains to match. Viewers follow along and witness a
day in the life of an urban super model, from makeup and
hair along with wardrobe selection to showing the skills
for some of the sexiest posses you will ever see. Shot in
our downtown Los Angeles penthouse studios these
women work it for the cameras like no other!

Temptress Video Magazine vol.2
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Do You Want To Be A Model?
If you are confident, aggressive, intelligent, resistant to peer pressure and willing to listen and learn, you have many of the traits that may help you to become a successful fashion model.

Modeling could be a full-time job or a part-time job depending on its nature and how much it pays. The most popular type of modeling is probably the ramp models.

If you plan to take up modeling as a career, you need to acquire demanding physical attributes. You need to first rate yourself. Gauge your weaknesses and your strengths. Not everyone is perfect, but you can work on your flaws and improve on your plus points.

But the acting modeling world is highly competitive. In addition to a great face, you need a good agent to get you into the acting modeling world.

Top Modeling Advice From Leaders In The Industry, How To Become A Model, Celebrity Endorsed. Model Success Stories, Photos Advice, Beauty Tips From Top Celebrity Stylists. Order Your Copy Of Complete Modeling Guide Today And Kick Start Your Modeling Career With It.

Let's Model - Modeling Guide
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