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Club Lower 48 "The Standard of Thickness"

What is Club Lower 48?
To most people the "lower 48" is best known for the 48 contiguous states of the USA.Well Club Lower 48 is a celebration of "women with curves" that can be found in those states (we also feature models outside of those states). It is also a representation of the "sweet spot" of thickness that I found that exist between 38 inches and 48 inches when measuring the hips. But it is not just hips and butt that make up the "standard of thickness." It is more about proportions relating to the hip area. So the hip and waist ratio must be correct in order to meet "The Standard of Thickness."

What is the "Standard of Thickness"?
The standard of thickness is our perfect hip/waist ratio of a woman with curves. To meet the "Standard of Thickness" a model's hip must be between 38 to 48 inches (95.6 cm. to 121.9 cm.) with a waist measurement no more than 10 inches from the hip measurement. For example: Shawna Michelle's measurements are 34-26-42 Her 42 inch hip measurement allows her waist measurement to be up to 32 inches and still be within our "standard of thickness"

How can I be part of Club Lower 48?
If you meet our "standard of thickness" and would like to be part of Club Lower 48, please send us your name, your home state, measurements and a photo to:

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