DSK Mini Drums 2 Released

Jan 29, 2009 Leave a Comment


When I am working on a beat for a client I usually don't reach for a free plugin to lay down my drum layer, but the new release of DSK's Mini Drumz 2 got me changin' up
for real.

If you are looking for a vintage drum sound for your next track it couldn't hurt to take a listen to this VST plugin. It comes with 20 classic drum kits and DSK says that sounds and levels have been corrected with this release. Plus improved filter and all sounds are mapped in GM Midi standard. On top of that y'all, it free! So I thought I would try even though I got like over 200 vst plugins already. I was surprised at the sound. It didn't sound like a tin-can and once I put an amp to it...yeah! DJAYPAUSE likes....I likes.

Check it out for your self at www.dskmusic.com


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