Best Free Synth - The Synth1

Jan 29, 2009 Leave a Comment

Okay this plugin right here is NOT new. But if you don't have this one in your beat makin' stupid. It's the Synth 1 by Ichiro Toda.

You know a lot people ask me how did I make that beat or how did I get a certain sound of out that synth. Sometimes I tell em and sometimes I keep my tricks to myself but this is one that everybody should know about if you wanna make beats of fire. I got lot of synths but good ones are hard to find. I mean I've spend money on some ya know. Leave the Guitar Center rushed home plop in the software, fire it up, lay down a drum track, synth time! Okay, what, this right here is some bulls**t! Come on you know you done it.

Synth1 won't dispoint and it's free. I mean once you get pass the ugly face! The interface looks like a baby sh*t all over it for real. Shes not a dime piece by any means but once you get her home you see she got that good good! The sound quality is crazy good, it's got a bunch of presets already set up which are better than anything. The Synth1 is almost a perfect copy of the Nord Lead 2 which is one of the best synths ever.On top of all that it makes some of the best natural sounds that you can find. If I am looking for some wind or rain or something for a song, I go right here. This is one of my secret weapons. Check it out.

Check it out and download it! Just Google Synth1 or go to KVRaudio and download it.


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