Club Lower 48 - Pebbles Model Game is Rock Solid

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Model : Pebbles (Smply Gorjs)
Height: 5ft-7"
Weight: 142 lbs

Measurements: 36- 26-42
African American

Hometown: Orlando Florida
DOB: August 8

Sign: LEO

Turn-ons: Pretty teeth/nice smile, clean cut, tall, dark, handsome and hardworking

Turn-offs: dirty shoes, bad breath, and no ambition

Occupation: Pharmacist technician, certified substitute teacher w/OCPS

Website Link:

So how did you get into modeling?

-Well, I've actually been doing local fashions shows since I was a young girl, but since I'd grown up modeling had taken a backseat, until a woman I was working with decided to start her own promotion company and decided to let me be a part of it! From there I started back networking and doing shows and eventually ventured out on my own to join an even bigger model troupe sponsored by Warner Bros. and Coors Light and the rest is history!

What is the hardest part about a photoshoot for you?

-Not knowing what to expect...A lot of photographers you are able to meet before hand to establish some sort of relationship and comfort level and then there are lots of them you don't so you don't know what to expect...kind of like a blind date; so I try not to do too many shoots where I don't meet with the photographer before hand but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!

How would your friends describe you in ONE word?


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

-What? Besides walking out on my tab @ Chili'

What do you normally sleep in when you go to sleep?

-Sleep wear for me is normally just boy shorts and a cami

What would say is your best feature?

-I don't think I have "a" best feature but, my best features are my eyes, lips and my smile!

If your a type of candy what would you be and why?

-I would be a Hershey Kiss....because I melt in your mouth...Not in your hand!

Who is your favorite rapper and why?

-I don't really have a favorite rapper but if I had to pick one; I'd have to say Plies, just because I love his music and although he's way shorter than me, he's

What do you find most sexy in a man?

-I think it's very sexy to see a man that walks with confidence...a swag of his own, so to speak

What do you do to feel sexy for yourself?

-Just the basics...making sure I keep my mani and pedi on a regular and keeping my hair done, a massage here and there and I'm good!

What type of clothes do you normally wear? (jeans, dresses, etc.)

-Whenever you see me, I'll more than likely be in a pair of jeans, a tank top and some cute flats and if I wanna jazz it up a bit a nice pair of pumps...and plenty accessories!

What is your favorite movie right now?

-I actually have two favorite movies always have been and always will be "A League of Their Own" and "Love & Basketball"

Who would you most like to work with and why?

-I'd love to be able to work with Tyra one day! She's beautiful and I think I could learn a lot from her. She's a jack of all trades: commercial, catalog, runway, print, talk shows, etc.; and she's good at what she does! "ONE" of the best out there!

What type of modeling do you like the best?

-I love fashion! That's by far my favorite but glamour is hottt right now and that's what's selling!

What magazine would you like to be on the most?

-Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Vibe, Seventeen...hell I'll take any of those any day of the week! I'm not picky...Lol

What is the best thing about modeling?

-The best thing about modeling is the experience! The people you run into and the people you meet and get to work with! Every go-sie and job you get you learn something new and you take a new experience with you! Experiences that will last a lifetime!

Which internet sites do you spend most of your time when on-line?

-Twitter and Myspace

Where do you want modeling to take you?

-I would like for modeling to open as many doors for me as possible. I'd like to grace the cover of every major magazine ever and walk every runway in the world on my road to success!
If you want to know more about sexy model Pebbles check her out here!


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