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Singing Sensation Susan Boyle

Apr 15, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story: Taylor Alexander
Photo: deadline press & picture

I am a big fan of American Idol and talent shows like that. I believe this years Idol is very weak on the talent scale which has cause me to not really watch it a lot this season. I thought to myself with a little laugh that maybe all the talented people have been discovered already. Then I came across a video of a lady named Susan Boyle auditioning for "Britain's Got Talent." Who is Susan Boyle you ask? Well unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days or busy doing taxes like me (just saw it tonight), Ms. Boyle is a 47 year old unemployed lady from Scotland, who reportedly has not sung since her 91 year old Mother passed in 2007.

She has become somewhat of an overnight You Tube sensation! The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that she has had over 15.9 million views since this past Saturday (4/11/09). Her performance of "I Dream A Dream" from Les Miserable has taken the internet world by storm and brought me to tears (I watched it three times in a row). This is one of those teachable moments that we should never ever judge a book my it's cover.

Now Susan's got a website and fan sites popping up all over the place, but the talented singer has not let the instant fame go to her head. She was in church the day after the TV performance (Easter) where she was greeted by a rapturous applause from her friends.

She told the official Britain's Got Talent website: "It was incredible. Although we sing in church not a lot of them know how good I was, so it was a bit of a shock for them."

She is a beautiful example why we should never give up on our dreams no matter how long we hold them.

See her moving performance for yourself!



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