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"No More Ignorant" Marcellous Lovelace

Mar 1, 2009 Leave a Comment

No More Ignorant
Joe Left Hand Records

Marcellous Lovelace's "No More Ignorant."

WHEN THE END IS FINALLY HERE THE 3RD WORLD NATURE OF AMERICA WILL FALL APART AND THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE NO NATURAL RESOURCES TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. People in London, Japan, Rome, Egypt, Ghana, China, Russia, Ireland, Mali and Mexico will look to Marcellous Lovelace Music to save the souls of the common folk. With vibration of natural tomes coming from the amplified stereo quality, Marcellous Lovelace brings the perfect balance and harmony to the world.

Marcellous Lovelace

"No More Ignorant" (mp3)
from "Happiness Disposition"
(Joe Left Hand Records)

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