Karen Kassidy Is Pretty In Pink

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Story: Staff

Photos: Submitted by Karen Kassidy

Model (name): Karen Kassidy

Hometown: Indiana

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 23

Measurements: 34B, 32, 34

Height: 5'7"


MOVIE: My girl

ICE CREAM: vanilla bean

TV SHOW:Roseann

SPORTS TEAM: Longhorns

Check out our interview with sexy Indiana model Karen.

BecomeMagazine.net:How long have you been modeling?
Karen: For about 2 years now.

BecomeMagazine.net: What got you into modeling?
Karen: Feeling the glamour, I guess you can say it's the closest thing to feeling like a Princess.

BecomeMagazine.net:What are your measurements?
Karen: 34,32,34

BecomeMagazine.net:What would you say is your modeling style?
Karen:I really don't have a style yet as I haven't gotten into anything too serious yet. I really enjoy lingerie because it makes me feel sexy but then again I also enjoy the fancy part of glamour..

BecomeMagazine.net:Where are you from and what was it like growing up there?
Karen: I'm originally from New Mexico but have mostly lived in and around Chicago since I was 6. I had a wonderful childhood but yet still wished I never had to move to the city. It much nicer in the Mountains.

BecomeMagazine.net:Did you always want to be a model growing up?
Karen: Yes, a part of me has always wanted to be a model.

BecomeMagazine.net:What do you like or dislike about modeling so far?
Karen: There's nothing I dislike about it.. I love meeting all the really awesome people that I have met so far and working with the super awesome photographers that I have had the honor of working with.

BecomeMagazine.net:If you could pick a mixed drink that best describes you what would it be and why?
Karen: A bloody mary..(laughing) Hot and Spicy! No really I'm not a drinker so I really can't answer that.

BecomeMagazine.net:What do you feel most comfortable wearing?
Karen: It really depends on the day/night and whats going on.. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal but don't get me wrong, If I could wear a fancy gown everyday I would..

BecomeMagazine.net:Boxers or briefs?
Karen: briefs.

BecomeMagazine.net:Top or bottom?
Karen: Bottom. Its a control thing I guess you could say.

BecomeMagazine.net:What would you say is your sexiest body part?
Karen: I've had most comps. om my lips and hair but I really like my ass. especially in a really hot pair of jeans..(laughing)

BecomeMagazine.net:What type of kisses do you like the best?
Karen: I'm a real passionate person so I like long,deep sensual kisses. I believe that kissing is where you fall in love so if your going to kiss me, kiss me with all you've got!

BecomeMagazine.net:So you have your own website. What kind of stuff can your fans find there?
Karen: Right now its still in the process of being finished but they can find FREE downloads of desktop banners, contact form, my port and best of all merch. which is coming soon.

BecomeMagazine.net:What other sites can your fans find you at?

BecomeMagazine.net:What are you listening to on your Ipod these days?
Karen: I'm a total country girl when it comes to my radio. I'm also a big rock and roll fan though too.

BecomeMagazine.net: Name the one word that best describes you?
Karen: Spunky

BecomeMagazine.net: Biggest turn-offs?
Karen: Bad breath and dirty shoes

BecomeMagazine.net: Biggest turn-ons?
Karen: lips, eyes and a southern accent

BecomeMagazine.net: What was the best advise that anyone ever gave you?
Karen: Always be honest, the truth comes out in the end.

BecomeMagazine.net: What advise could you give to someone who wants to enter into modeling?
Karen: make sure you start off with a great photographer and always do you research

Become Magazine.net: What's next for Karen Kassidy?
Karen: Hopefully the next step will get me published and noticed to where I can really make a career out of it.

Become Magazine.net: Thank you Karen. Anything else you want to say to your fans?
Karen: Just thank you for making it so much fun and getting me where i am right now. Please keep up the great work and thank you for all of your awesome support!

Thanks Karen!


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