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Chris Will Receive a 10 Million Dollar Beat Down

Mar 8, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story: Mike C.

Project "Mea Culpa" has been launched in a attempt to repair Chris Brown's image to the public, his fans and more importantly his endorsements. Access Hollywood has reported that project "Mea Culpa", which means "my fault" in latin will be a three part process.

First Brown will be writing a book (with Rihanna's help) on the topic of domestic violence.

Next, Chris and Rihanna will both be hitting the talk show circuit to defend what really happened (we doubt they will be on Orpah anytime soon after her strong words in this video) and to minimize the damage that was done when everyone saw pictures of Rihanna's post attack face.

Lastly, Chris Brown and Rihanna reportly have agreed to a $10 million dollar deal: If he so much as lays a hand on her, he will have to pay her $10 million dollars. I guess this is to prove to her that he is really serious about changing his behavior.

So if Chris has a "oh I'm really gonna beat your ass now" moment it will cost him a $10 million dollar beat down to his wallet. But will this work?

Mea Culpa is a latin phrase that translates into English as "my fault"


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