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Beauty Guru Ateya of Smuve Complexions

Mar 5, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story: Taylor
Graphics: 19th letter

In a little over a year's time this You Tube beauty guru now has over 17,000 regular subscribers. They faithfully tune in to listen to her advise on hair, make-up and an occasional recipe or two. My kids want me to make another batch of banana nut bread with toffee chips, which I learned from watching her. Yes, it really is that good. But some of the best things that I have learned from her tutorial videos I don't have to share with my family. They are just for me. I have learned so much in just the last few months from watching her. I learned about Nu-Gro, sew ins, MAC products.....too much to list. She really makes it simple to follow along with her. When I watch her videos I feel like she is just one of my girlfriends talking to just me. She seems to be just very open and friendly. As my grandma used to say "shes good people." I was talking to a girlfriend at work a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned that she watched "Ateya" on You Tube too. That got me to start wondering if she really knew how many people she has helped? If she really knew how many lives that she has had an effect on with her smile, her downhome hospitality and her words of wisdom. Ateya is beautiful and entertaining. Her swang is breathtaking, her make-up game is soild as a rock and she can cook up a storm? Good thing we are all the way in California. Gotta keep that woman away from my husband (laughing).

Read the interview with Ateya.

Rather you think she uses too much heat on her hair or she uses the wrong products. Or you just don't like her but don't really know why. She's doing her thang! I did a Google search on "Ateya" and came up with 85,000 results pertaining to her and her hair and beauty regimens. Seems I am not the only one who likes what she is doing.

Some people may say after reading her interview that she is not even a professional hairdresser, why listen to her? Well Oprah studied communication in college, but I and millions of others like me take her advise on all kinds of things that don't pertain to her degree. Now before you write in saying that I am comparing "Ateya" to "Oprah" I am not. I am only saying that a degree on your wall does not make you the "end all know all" on a subject. I found Ateya to be sweet , knowledgeable and seems to be truly humbled by her success. I love me some Ateya and I have a feeling there are many others who do too.

Have you always been interested in hair?

Ateya: No...I was a tomboy(laughing). I was in all the sports coming up. Later on in high school (8th or 9th grade) I was more into hair. It was a thing all girls did in my hometown. We made sure we got our hair and nails done faithfully every Thursday after practice.

BecomeMagazine.net: It is hard to see you as a little tomboy. So when did you become a hair stylist?
Ateya: (laughing)...I am not a hair stylist...I have lots of family members that are licensed...but I watched and learned from them.

BecomeMagazine.net: Well then you learned a lot from them that's for sure. What made you decide to start making videos on You Tube?
Ateya: Wow...I began wanting to learn how to do it professionally. So I took MAC Classes at the Galleria Houston first. Then I was googling makeup and youtube popped up. After that I saw BeautyAllure (she is no longer with Youtube but we all MISS HER) and she was so nice and did makeup so well. So I was like I will do it one day. Then as I joke I did a video and it was ok. Then people wanting to know about MY HAIR. So I posted My Hair Regimen and its been a CRAZY ride ever since. But I thank god for it!

BecomeMagazine.net: BeautyAllure was great. Her real name is Nicky. She is still around because I see her on the MAC Addicts network I am on. Don't know why she quit doing videos, but thank you for doing yours. Okay, I gotta ask you. I read that the ladies of the Long Hair Care Forum (LHCF) had or have an issue with you? Is there or was there a beef between you & LHCF?
Ateya: No No No...no beef. Not on my part anyway. I got sooo many emails from my subscribers about LHCF was talking about me. I was like "Who is that"? So I went to the site....joined....and saw the comments and I was like ok....not that serious..in my opinion. So I did a video to tell every one I saw the comments and its fine. Everyone has an opinion and its ok. I was more like IGNORE any negative comments about me or anyone else cause it makes MORE MESS. So I stated on my video its ok and if they think I use too much heat I am sorry but its my hair and IT WORKS FOR ME. Then so many weeks later Sandra Rose has them on her site and the very next day....I got tone of emails that I was on Sandra Rose and I was like nooooo...but I emailed her and told her MY STORY and then it was all good. Cause I don't like people making up things so I just told MY SIDE and she understood more. But no beef...LHFC keep up the great work!

BecomeMagazine.net: Thank you for clearing that up for everybody. So how do you decide your video topics?
Ateya: That is hard...now cooking topics is a breeze but the makeup is like ok take a eyeshadow name and make up a phrase. Some I need to change but I been so busy..(laughing)

BecomeMagazine.net: Oh yeah. I know about busy. So you model too. How did get started in modeling?
Ateya: Yes I use to Model. Went to Barbizon of Houston Texas and graduated in 1998 and it was a great experience. But I learned more out of modeling school then in model school. So people KEEP YOUR MONEY!

BecomeMagazine.net: You heard her...KEEP YOUR MONEY PEOPLE (laughing). How did you learn so much about make-up?
Ateya: Honestly I am still learning. I just all of a sudden took it seriously and I love it. Hair and Makeup is in!

BecomeMagazine.net: Yes it is. You have a movie called "One Night Stand" What is it about?
Ateya: One Night Stand is not finished yet. The Director is a new dad and he has been taking time out to get the new feel of that and we hope to finish by May. And its about my husband...he has a One Night Stand...and I kinda set him up...but its a twist...so I cant tell it all..but I can say I cut off his....(*&^$) off.

BecomeMagazine.net: Whoa! You gonna have to let us know when it is done. So what made you want to do a movie?
Ateya: Always wanted to do that. In school I loved Drama classes but was so much in sports my schedule would not permit that. But now I am learning as I go and its great.

BecomeMagazine.net: I saw you on istardom.com and people were asking for your autograph. How do you feel about that?
Ateya: ARE YOU SERIOUS! I am going to check that site out now. I would be happy to do that. Dont make me cry....

BecomeMagazine.net: You have a new website coming. What is that going to be about?
Ateya: It will be more of a buy here type deal. When I wear earrings, ring, hat, they always say Ateya I want that? So now they can buy it on SmuveComplexions.com

BecomeMagazine.net: Wow. That sounds really great. Can't wait. So did you think you would have over 17,000 subscribers when you first started?
Ateya: NO never....Not one for that matter. But GOD IS GOOD!

BecomeMagazine.net: Yes he is. Who's famous head of hair would you most like to work on and why?
Ateya: Taraji P. Henson. She is on her A game this year. I would love to put her on a half wig cause I always seen her with her hair so I would Upgrade her to A+ with that.

BecomeMagazine.net: Who's famous face would you most like to put make-up on and why?
Ateya: Lil Kim. I love her to death! She is truly a diva! I just want to make up her my way....thats all I will say...and hope she loves it!

BecomeMagazine.net: Lil Kim if your listening.........holla! What do you want to say to all your fans out there?
Ateya: Thank you all for sticking by me. You are more than I ever expected! You are some TRUE ride or die subscribers and I love all of you from the bottom on my heart! Keep God First!

Thank you Ateya so much. You are wonderful!

Do you want to know more about Ateya?

Ateya's YouTube Videos. Hair care, make up and food! Whatelse do you need.
Ateya's website. Your one stop source for makeup and hair tips. http://smuvecomplexions.blogspot.com/
Ateya's future website. Go watch her video for a sneak-peak of the new site.

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  • Speak da truff said:  

    Im a dude and this girl gives bad advice in my opinion, bad unhealthy food, expensive make up, shiny cheap wig hair weaves that looks fake, and she is not married like 70% of the black women. She need to change gears and get her audience in a positive news source instead of trying to make them buy all that bull*ish she pushes like crack interview a woman on youtube name blaqueindigo please and put this chic on the back burner

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ateya is simply wonderful! She is wonderful and her fans truly love her! Keep doing YOU, Ateya! It's funny how jealous people still watch her videos!

    Ateya is FAB!!!

  • Anonymous said:  

    I love how she share her views and reviews with her viewers and take the time to make these videos. I think she is classy and a beautiful blessed postive lady who shares and express herself very well.

    from one beautiful woman to another keep doing what you do Ateya.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Hey Ateya, I am one of your subbies from YOUTUBE, and keep making videos of all kinds, I will be staying tuned in. Use the hateraide as fuel to keep keep keep rising to the top!!! GOD's Blessing are upon you.

  • AA said:  

    I am a subscriber as well. I like Ateya, I love her spirit, she seems like a cool chick to kick it with . To speak da truff, please hush. So what if she aint married. You must be one of the black men that rather have babies with black women instead of wifing them.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ateya I love you, I am one of your subscribers on YouTube and I think what you are doing is a positive thing. God is Good!

  • Anonymous said:  

    I love LOVE Ateya. She may not be perfect, but she has influenced the way I do things in a big way. I never used to be bothered about myself but now I am wearing make up and making sure my hair is done oh, and try her buffalo wings-to die for!
    She is drop dead gorgeous and has a marvellous personality! This girl is the bomb.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I think Atyea spends entirely toooo much money on make up, wigs, and everything. she acts as if nothing is wrong with the economy and she is sending a message that it is ok to spend money the way she does. she does not budget her money the way most people should especially in this hard time we are going through. I think she buys products after products just to make a video on youtube and that's kind of ridiculous. It just don't make any sense. In one of her videos, she mentioned that she paid 236 dollars worth of hello kitty make-up! THAT IS INSANE! and if you look at her perfume collection, you would think it's just way toooo much. and another thing, i think she should give better advice as far as hair. hair needs to be moisturized everyday and she does not mositurize her hair at all. I'm not hating on her. i'm just being very honest as how I see it. and sometimes she is not friendly. she has her attitudes. I sent her a message one time and she replid with a rather unfriendly response. and also, I don't like the fact that she is trying to get famous off youtube. she calls herself a "youtube celebrity" and wants to thank all her fans. she mentioned in another video that she is BLOWING UP! so it's all about getting well known and famous for her. i think it's kind of ridiculous.

  • SimplyDebra said:  

    Youtube subscriber here!

    Wow, I continue to be surprised at the negativity that people express when it comes to Ateya. I think she is a great person, with lots of advice to offer. What does it matter if it's a recession, or whatever??? She can spend money on products however she chooses. She doesn't "push" products, IMO. She talks about them, reviews them, and shares what works FOR HER.

    Ateya, keep doing your think and best of luck!

  • Anonymous said:  

    I dont understand all the negativity. People always has something to complain about. But she loves doing videos and helping other people. Some of the things she buy may be a bit pricy, but she's not married and she doesn't have any kids so why not treat yourself, I would

    Ateya if your reading this just keep doing what your doing.

  • Anonymous said:  

    It's crazy how people always have something negative to say when someone is trying to do something positive. If you dont like Ateya's videos or anyone elses just don't watch it. It's just that simple.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Another miserable brotha H-A-T-I-N! Brotha Speak The Truth.... is living in a fake @ss fantasy world! Ateya has that natural talent I love her! Who said you gotta be married to listen to good advice! Brotha please you mad cuz you probably couldn't get no play over the internet!

  • Anonymous said:  

    O.K Im not a subscriber to Ateya but I was reading over some of the comments and I just had to say "Anonymous" March 7, 2009 9:00 AM

    YOU ARE A HATER!!!!!!!!!!!

    why is it bothering you about how much money she is spending on make up? Does she owe you money or something? If she has money to spend and she enjoys makeup I don't see a problem with that. Dispite how bad you say the economy is doing- maybe her economy is doing well and she has the extra money.

    Im sure you have something you spend your extra money on too. It just may not be make up.


  • Anonymous said:  

    Anonymous is right to make his comment. He has the right to speak his mind. She spends a lot of money on things that are unnecessary. She is influencing people to buy all these things when the economy is doing badly. She should use this extra money to save before she is the victim of being laid off. A year or two from here she may not have a job. And yes she is influencing. A drug dealer, music, advertisement on TV is influencing and it is not cool. Don’t get me wrong I know there is a difference from good and bad influencing but Ateya is influencing people when the economy is doing badly. Let’s all help by explaining to people that this is the time to save. People aren’t being caution enough and I am concerned about all Gods people. Don’t sit back and watch the world crumble.

    From: Brandi

  • Anonymous said:  

    To the cretin who thinks Ateya should be 'budgeting' because of the economic times: Let me tell you something. Ateya is young, free and single with no children. She works hard as a secretary and gets paid a good wage and you know what? She doesn't owe you or anyone else any favours. She can spend her hard earned cash on whatever she likes, don't moralise about what she should and shouldn't do. She has no responsibilities other than herself so she can do what she wants. All the more vids for me to watch. Love Ateya. Jealous haters move over Ateya is in town baby! (Cutchswife)

  • Anonymous said:  

    I hate when people say oh I am single and don't have kids, and have this big time job or well paying job. Company's are going out of business and your job can be next. This is real out there. We all need to Shout about saving money. Ateya has a youtube video that promote or influence people to buy things. And she say she is trying to help people or tell people about hair, food, and life issues. How about a show on saving money, because this economy is doing bad. Keep it real no one is hating on her. I love her videos but this is the time to paluse and help our fellow Americans.

  • Anonymous said:  

    do you think it's normal for someone to buy like ateya does? she has allll this make-up and then buys more on top of that like she doesn't have any at all. then she buy flat iron after flat iron. what do you need 3 or 4 flat irons for? she has about 50 wigs! she buying all this jackie hair products and face products(she just got a clinique 3 step, why would she buy more stuff for her face) and all this nu-gro products. I don't want to know what her house, closets, and cabinets look like. they are probably packed with stuff. and you know what, she doesn't even wait until she uses all this stuff up. just like alll that perfume she has, it doesn't make sense. and go watch her what's in my purse video. she mentioned she had all those department store credit cards claiming she like the purks. and doesn't realize they are getting all her lil money. it's like she doesn't have any sense when it comes to money. and i don't understand why are you wearing all these wigs when you are putting all that money in your real hair. perms, rinses, all these treatments and it goes on and on. and girlfriend paid over 300 dollars for some li lash and li brow. come on now. all these belly rings. i'm not hating at all, ateya just need to slow down and take some really good advice from d. gulley, the discount trendsetter and the doublesaving divas!

  • Kim said:  

    OMG! ALL OF U HATERS ARE FREAKING RIDICULOUS! how can u say that someone isnt saving or doesnt know how to budget!? You dont know what her bank acct looks like! So how can u say she doesnt save! also to Anonymous March 8 10:16am just because u wear wigs doesnt mean u dont need to take care of ur REAL hair! Wearing wigs is convient and quick for most ppl! you my dear need to only worry about ur own! All of u haters need to get a life! Ateya is a positive person! she is doin what works for her, what she likes doing! How about u find ur own and stop putting down others who have found their nitch.

  • Anonymous said:  

    i don't think they are trying to put her down. they are just being brutally honest! to kim, her bank account aint looking like too much of nothing. cause everything she buys, she has to overindulge. i mean i can go on and on. look at her bath and body works video. she has about 8 to 10 different scentports and oil scents. fhi flat iron, 2 or 3 chi flat iron, and a prosilk flat iron.

  • Hazel said:  

    LOL, haters follow her from youtube to articles written about her. That says alot, so you gotta love it. Keep doing you Ateya. Your detractors are obviously your biggest fans. You are a positive, inspiring young woman and i'm sure God has alot more in store for you.

  • Not A Hater said:  

    Ateya not being married has nothing to do with anything -- you're just a hater! LOL. Ahhh man

    Anyways if you don't like her videos don't watch them!

  • Anonymous said:  

    I am amazed how people think that if you say she spends too much money then you are haters. It’s true. No one said she looks bad or her hair look a mess. Without a dought she is very pretty and she carries herself pretty. She just needs to tell her viewers to save money because the economy is doing badly.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I watch Ateya, and a lot of others on youtube as well, there are a lot of the ladies and gentlemen that use expense products and they also have a lot of products too, just look at the haul videos and how they store the products, besides nobody can influence you to do anything if you don't want to....unless you are weak and have no will power of self control of your own. My husband has workout routines on youtube, but that has not influenced anyone to get to the gym and take of their bodies. To all who make youtube videos.......keep doing your thing.

  • Anonymous said:  

    How do you know if she spending too much money? Are you her accountant? Do you know how much money she makes? She isn't spending your money so stopped acting so petty and pressed about it. Her buying those "expensive" things haven't stop you from looking at her videos as she uses them so don't complain.

  • Anonymous said:  

    You guys who saying stop worrying about how much Ateya spending and how she is non influencing you need to stop. You guys are just plain old crule. If you seen a 7 year old in the store and you know the cashier shorten that kid, you would just walk off. No matter what age or non relative, all people should care about others. She is influencing people to by unessessary things when the economy is doing bad. Don't justify that. We all think she has awesome videos, but she need to put out the messassage about saving.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ateya is not influencing anyone to buy anything...you should know how much you can spend yourself...stop blaming people for your lack of self control, take responsibility for your own actions....and stop confessing how bad things are and start looking to God to supply your need....CHANGE YOUR CONFESSIONS AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR SITUATIONS, LIFE AND DEATH ARE IN THE POWER OF THE TOUNGE!!!

  • Anonymous said:  

    For some of you who say that Ateya is not influencing needs to stop. If your mom or family member was a gambling hollic, you will leave her behind broke and with no care in the world. Shame on you. Some people need help so why not help them? Why are you only worrying about yourself? There is nothing wrong with helping. If God can do it so can we, why not spread the word about saving. It's real out there. Influencing is bad and good. Music, books, the things we say can influence us. Even seeing people do crack make other s do it. Some people just get caught up in peer pressure. (Kids and Adults) May I ask again “Why not help?” Ateya just not helping by telling her viewers about unnecessary things to buy in a time when the economy is doing bad. Better yet Ateya May Not care either because she just want her website to come out so she can sell expensive or unnecessary products. (But hay I don’t know what she is doing but I know it is not helping people when the economy is doing bad.) I’m going to help by keep telling people to stay away from buying things when your job may be in jeopardy.

  • Ateya said:  

    I am here blessed to help others. What I do or say on Youtube is what I do. I never say...YOU DO THIS...never.
    I work....I can but what I want. I have a wonderful family that supports me 110%. They help me do what I want to do in life. I do my family members hair and makeup and they buy me a brush or makeup for my service. I dont charge my family. They just buy me more stuff for my collection cause they know this is my passion.
    Thanks everyone for the comments. You have a right to that but I am only here to help WHO WANT TO BE HELPED.
    And SmuveComplexions.com will not be a hair or beauty store.
    It will be accessories or shirts I have in my videos. So, no beauty store for SmuveComplexions.
    Heart All of You!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Influences???? STOP buying cell phones, computers, Iphones, internet,Ipods,video games, cable tv, satellite, cars, clothes, shoes...nobody put a gun to your head, you do have choices!! Take responsibility and make the right choices, IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT THEN DON'T BUY IT!! Its just that simple why make someone else feel bad because they can afford it. It's just shameful that we can not celebrate when someone is doing better than we are, all we seem to do is Knit-pick, moan, grip and complain....Think you're not a HATER....then think again!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ateya, you don't owe any explanations about how, why or when you spend your money, or what smuvecomplections.com will or will not sell. People are just so simple minded, your youtube videos have nothing to do with the state of the economy.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I love watching Ateya, this lady is a class act, she's totally sincere. I bet if we went thru your budgets we might find some stuff that's not necessary either in our opinion. I think she does operate on a budget, she talks about that all the time, her food is inexpensive and so are her wigs. This is a smart lady people! I can tell that some of her things are being given to her to provide a review on youtube, and she's being honest how she likes it or not. I bet you haters also blame department stores for making commercials on TV to make you go buy stuff you can't afford too??!! haha. Go on Ateya, we see you and love you.
    Your Fan,

  • Anonymous said:  

    Look at all the people watching the womans bank account!! LOL She can buy whatever she wants to buy! Hating coz u aint got the dough and tryna make her feel guilty for buying shit!

    Ateya's FAN
    Sensi x

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ateya you should not feel guilty for what you spend. You work really hard for it and aint nobody's business what you spend it on. It just sounds like plain ole jealousy to me.

    If you want vids on 'how to save money' then you know what? Get your camera and make them yourself or can't you afford a camera?

    Heart ya, ateya you a good person who doesn't deserve all the putrid hate. God bless you xxx

  • Anonymous said:  

    Ateya spend too much on make up and wigs. She use every hair regimen out there. (Meaning WAY too much). She buys jackies over price mess. She may not realize the economy is doing bad. ( Tell her to watch the news) I care for the girl, and her viewers. They are spending too much. And she coming out with an accessoriess and shirt website, for what? (Oh ya to take your money!)She not going to buy Baby Phat and sell it at cheap prices. They are going to be over priced or she may make shirts with her name on it and put it in glitter. ( Oh ya and throw a wig in it for you) Ya she helping her view go for Broke in a time when they don't know if their jobs will be there in a year or two from year.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I'm glade she not my women because she may take our savings and buy wigs. She probley don't have a man, with all the mess she buy who wants to date her. I see her last video with all that pink makeup. (Looking like a clown) And a bad looking wig. Man I hope my girl not watching her videos. Man let me go check cause man she goen have us go for broke!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Anonymous @ 3:51 someone needs to throw a dictionary at your illiterate @ss. Please learn to spell -- you fool.... You are a disgrace.

  • Anonymous said:  

    How about someone throw an dictionary at most people who typed on here, even Ateya. (And grammer school) For anonymous at 6:08pm. Ateya spend too much. Bottom line.

  • Anonymous said:  

    WOW I continue to be amazed. Fear is at an all time high when you have people getting offened by how you spend your money. I am all for saving but clearly that's not Ateya's main focus in her videos so if you think people should be saving... how about you start making videos telling people how to do it. Some of you need to stop believing everything the news and media throws at you. Just something to think about.


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