The Nutcracker Suite - The Conscious Daughters

Feb 11, 2009 Leave a Comment

The Nutcracker Suite by The Conscious Daughters
released February 10th 2009

The Conscious Daughters are undisputedly one of the most prominent female rap duos in music. Most known as the Bay Area’s hottest female group, the Daughters (CMG & Special One) have sold over 700,000 records worldwide.

Now, The Conscious Daughters again are poised to bring heat with their third effort, The Nutcracker Suite. Featuring themes of self-empowerment and sisterhood with a hardcore edge, The Conscious Daughters continue to prove that they have their collective thumb on the pulse of the street. With production by the Bay Area’s hottest producers, Paris, Rick Rock and Steven King, The Nutcracker Suite is packed with head-noddin’ beats that compliment TCDs in-your-face style of rhyming.

The Nutcracker Suite is available @ Amazon or your favorite music source. Go cop it!

We have been waiting two years for this record to drop. Stay tuned. We will have a review on this coming up in the very near future.

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