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Kasha's The Oracle (Black Rhyme Edition)

Feb 6, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story: Staff
Photo: vividimageryuk

What is an oracle? An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion; an infallible authority. If this is the case Kasha's newest release The Oracle Black Rhyme Edition (a preview of the up coming LP The Oracle) produced by Composure, Denzy, Phocus and Red Skull on the Vivid Imagery Label is correctly named.

Kasha is a pure lyricist who is bringing real heat to the game London style.

I first heard of Kasha last year when I caught a remix of Estelle's American Boy by the U.K. rapper called American Girl. Not one of my favorite songs to start with, but Kasha's flow was crazy on it. So I started checking out more stuff by the up and coming lyricist.

Who is Kasha?
Kasha is an unsigned English rapper from Charlton, London and part of a production team called Vivid Imagery. Kasha has been called ‘the strongest lyricist in the UK’ by Kiss100, he has been likened to Tupac and Common. He has been described as a breath of freshest air for Hip Hop. His style of rap is warm, raw, emotional and poetic and has often been described as punk. He tells stories of his surroundings, the problems in the world and his dreams. Unlike most hip hop the music has a strong sense of melody and is made up of an eclectic mix of street beats, jazz flows and cinematic hooks. With collaborations and inspiration from live bands, musicians and singers there are absolutely no barriers to this kids art.

The Oracle (Black Rhyme Edition)
For the next 46 minutes Kasha's is going take you across the pond to his world in London.

The song 'Come Back With It' has got an easy Sunday afternoon feel to it. The melody carries the song throughout with a very nice hook. Kasha sings about his love which happens to be "Hip Hop." Now this is nowhere close to Common's attempt to show his love for the same topic, but it is a song that will quickly grow on you. Hustling (feat. Composure) is the next track. Now once you get pass the Rick Ross like hook and listen to his flow and the production it's not a bad song. The hottest track on The Black Rhyme Edition is 'Living For the Moment.' Lyrics are crazy on this one son. The dramatic beat production goes perfect with the subject matter of the song.This song alone is 5 stars! Surprisingly one of his hottest tracks 'You Have A Choice' is missing from The Oracle (Black Rhyme Edition). Violins on that one crazy, but he could be saving that for the actual release of The Oracle in April. The rest of the tracks found here are on par with what this gifted artist is able to put out. No garbage here all the tracks are hot.

What's to Come?
On April 6th 2009 Kasha will release his debut album called ‘The Oracle’, which is designed to bring back the essence of the early 90’s hip hop but with 21st century quality. The Oracle adds to this lyrically strong, musically rich hip hop era and opens up the sound to new ears, the rap style is melodic and fresh and opens up the to people who never really new they liked hip hop.

With tracks selling around the globe, airplay on Kiss, Choice, Xfm, BBC 1xtra and Galaxy, appearances on MTV and TMF, this amazing rapper with the ability to paint a visual picture with his words is proving the art of story telling through rap is not dead.

We give Kasha's The Oracle (Black Rhyme Edition) 4 STARS.

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    i heard it, the oracle,its the nuts! no messin.
    you gotta cop that. peace. Adam

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