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Introducing Melanie Fiona

Feb 25, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story: Mike C.
Photo: melaniefionatv

When I first heard about Melanie Fiona in late December. It was a couple days before New Year's Eve. I remember it well because I glazed-over the story and continued my search for music to play at my New Year's Eve Party. I never gave it another thought until I heard her song playing on our own DJPAUSE's cell phone as I waited for him to pick up. When he answered I said, "Hey, what was that song that was playing? He said it was by a new Kanye West product called Melanie Fiona. Also, his wife's new favorite song. After I told him that I had heard the song late last year and that I wanted to write about her myself, he finally agreed.

So who is Melanie Fiona? She is a raspy voice R & B singer from Toronto, Canada who is signed onto ROC Nation/ SRC Universal Motown. She is beautiful and talented with a confident swagger that gives her an almost star-like quality already and she hasn't even released an album yet. Have no fear her debut album is coming this spring. It is called The Bridge. It will feature 13 songs with 3 bonus tracks. The lead single is out now (available on iTunes) "Give It To Me Right" (hear it below). She is most definitely one to watch.

Check out her current single "Give It To Me Right" from the upcoming album "The Bridge."

Check out Melanie Fiona's showcase with Paper Magazine in New York at the Canal Room.


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