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Story: Staff

Photo: submitted by Ari Campos
Graphics by: 19th letter

Our special valentine model is California's own Ari "Axx" Campos. The 22 year old natural beauty is currently a business major in college. This means that she can look beautiful and properly calculate the amount of drool that will likely fall from your mouth while viewing her photos.

Some of her favorites:

COLOR yellow
MUSICIAN Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Drake
BRAND OF JEANS True Religions
MOVIE Big Daddy
MIXED DRINK Buttery Nipples
SPORTS TEAM Steelers!! and since i live in SD I got love for the Chargers
PERFUME Chanel 5

BM:How long have you been modeling?
I'm going on my 2nd year.

What made you decide to go into modeling?
I don't really remember how I go into it, I think I just became a fan of so many beautiful models and I finally got the guts to get my name out there. I'm those type of girls who just stare of the XXL, Maxim type magazines I'm like "wow she's hot!", and yes, I'm straight. Nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of human being.

BM:No not at all. We are certainly admiring your beauty as a human being! So what would say is the hardest part about modeling?
The hardest part is taking the time to get your make up done, hair done, waiting for the pictures sometimes you are so excited to see the results, it's a bummer to have to wait. And since I'm a student I don't always have time to do the things I want to do. If I didn't have class I would have done so many other things with my modeling career.

Speaking on school we see you are currently in school as a business major. What do you want to do with your degree when you are done?
My dad is a huge business man back home and he inspired me to fall into the business world. I want to expand his businesses and I'm planning on opening a spa/tanning salon, or a bar/club back home (Monterey)

BM:Wow! That sounds really cool. We see that you have been in some music videos. What artist would you like to work with some day and why?
I'm a huge Weezy fan. I've liked him way before he starter being in so many damn songs, if I was in his music video I think they'd have to pull me out of there.

BM:Yeah. Wayne is doing his thang for sure. He had a big year last year. If you were no longer in modeling what would you do for a living?
I honestly don't know. I think I would just be living a normal student life.

BM:What magazine would you most like to be on the cover of?
I love SHOW magazine, I've seen it at the store so many times and the women in there are gorgeous, I'd love to see myself on that cover!

BM:What other things do you like to do during your free time. Like snowboarding. Do you snowboard?
I haven't been snowboarding in so long, makes me sad. I like going to the batting cages, or working out. This is kind of funny but I love playing Rockband!

BM:Never played it, but I know a lot of people that play it. They say it is really addictive.
So what would you say is your most defining feature?
My eyes.

BM:Your sign is a Tarus. What trait do you have that is most like a Tarus?
I'm so stuborn. I couldn't stess it enough. I hear it all the time, friends, family, ex boyfriends.

BM:Stuborn....okay well you have the whole thing with the beautiful eyes so that balances out the stuborn thing right? Name a type of food the best describes you and why?
Chocolate, because everyone loves it and if they don't they suck!

BM:What type of kiss is your favorite type?
Soft kisses.

BM:If you could only say TWO WORDS to our new president what would those two words be?

BM:If you had to pick between brains and brawn which would you choose?
BM:Are you available or taken?
BM:What would you say is your sexiest body part?

The little booty

BM:If you could meet two famous people. Anybody you want, who would it be?
Snoop Dogg because he looks like a chill ass dude and Justin Timberlake because he looks like he'd be a good friend to hang out with.

BM:What advise can you give to someone who wants to start modeling?
Take every and any oppurtunity you can!

BM:Where can your fans see more of you?
I'm thinking about starting my website but for now you can check me out at

Thank you Axx and your fans thank you!


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