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Photographer Rico Foto Chico

Jan 9, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story by: Taylor Alexander
Photo: from www.modelzone.net

His name is RicoFotoChico or Rico for short. He is a professional model working in urban, high fashion, pinup in addition to artistic work. Rico has been working in all parts of entertainment pretty much his whole life from Music Productions to Radio, Dance , Choreography, to Drama. Stage work as well as Modeling Instructor and Talent Scout to Disc Jockey and now Professional Photographer over the past 3 years specifically focussing on Models involving fashion, entertainment as well as magazine image making and in the Jacksonville Beach, Florida area.

Rico picked up his first camera at age 9 with his Uncle who shot for the government in Washington D.C. Somewhere long the line he decided that he wanted to be front of the lens as well. Believe it or not he is able to do both and very well. His work is simply stunning! Rico has a great eye for the camera, using shadows and light at his disposal to mix perfectly with the environment in which the shots are taken. I believe his experience in-front of the camera is what allows him to excel behind it. He seem to have a knack of making every model work within every shot, but the photos look almost effortless and natural, not forced. He says his main focus of late is with a concentration towards the Imaginary, Cinematography Image of image making and gravitating towards that slowly.

If you are a model in the Florida area you should get in contact with RicoFotoChico Photography to add to your portfolio. If you are not in the Florida area you should study his work. His pictures are beautiful!

RicoFotoChico's Credits

Production Photographer for the MTV-Rick Ross & Mon E-G Video
Event Photographer for Parkinson's Disease Fund Raiser
Photographer for R&B Artist - Chris Epps CD Cover
Photographer for HipHop Artist - Jerrico CD Cover
Photographer for CiCi's Event Girls-Local Flyer and Promo Entertainment org.
Head Photographer for the Leesburg Bikers Fest Show 2008
Official Photographer for DJ Recka and Mix CD Front Cover creator.

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