Khari - There Can Only Be One King

Photo: Courtesy of blackplanet.com/KingKhari

Khari (pronounced Kah-REE), which means "Kingly" in swahili is a spoken word artist from Oakland, California. But he is not just a spoken word artist, he is a poet and author. My Man King Khari has been doin his thang real big in the Oakland/Berkeley area for awhile.

Khari came on the scene about three years ago with a visit to Mouth Off which is a spoken word poetry venue at Oakland's Air Lounge on Wednesday's. Since then he has performed at hundreds of venues throughout the country, sold thousands of CDs and books. A really talented and deep cat right here yall. So when his album dropped last month I could not wait to review it!

The album is called "There Can Only Be One King". It is the debut album from this spoken word artist and poet. With 27 tracks over all original music it was hard to pick my favorite joints on the album but I gonna try....

The first cut I really dug was "If I Could Bring You Back" about his grandmother. Grabs you from the word go and puts an emotion lockjaw on your heart man for real. As you are listening you feel his love and his pain over his grandmother that has past. Anyone that has lost someone can really relate to this one. I know I did. The next joint I really liked was called "Squirt". Man, this one is the one son. You play this for your girl and....man...anyway, we gotta keep it clean right. Squirt is about...well I can not really tell you and keep it clean at the same time. It is about a woman...you get the picture right? You just gotta hear this one. The song is hot! "Teddy Bear" is next on my list but really the whole album is solid. Production is real nice you know, beats are tight and Khari is on point on this one from start to finish. All the hits are here too "Thickness" "Hipnotic" and "Teddy Bear." I got two words for Khari on this new album, "Yeah brah!"

I give "There Can Only Be One King" 4 CONTRACT OFFERS!

  1. CONTRACT OFFER - Nice try but...NO!
  2. CONTRACT OFFERS - Wow! Are you serious?
  3. CONTRACT OFFERS - In Rotation. It will have to grow on me.
  4. CONTRACT OFFERS - Hit! Labels should be knocking at your door!
  5. CONTRACT OFFERS - Banger! You should already be signed!

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