Who Really Has Them Star Struck?

Story by: Mikey
Photo by: Francois

Photo: Chanelle Hayes courtesy of Wikipedia

Have you heard the song Star Struck yet? I first heard this song about a month ago. When I first listened to it I said to myself...sounds kinda like..no wait..it sounds like..then I realized it didn't sound really like anybody.

I quickly looked the song up on the internet to see who sang it. Flipped open the laptop and straight to Google. Typed in "new song Star Struck"then hit enter. What? Really? Sung by Chanelle Hayes? Wow! Who would have known. I only knew of one song by her and it did not sound like the same person singing on Star Struck. I don't mean to sound like I had doubt in one of the worlds greatest inventions, the internet. But something did not sound right here. Additional Google searches brought up the same results. Finally I went to my favorite site You Tube to see if there was a video for the song yet by Ms. Hayes. That is when I found out some really interesting information. There was a You Tube video with a song called "Star Struck" sung by Chanelle Ray? Could this be the same song that I kept humming in my head? I clicked play and it was! The very same song that for the last half hour I thought was sung by Chanelle Hayes! So after I watched and listened to the teaser video for "Star Struck." I wanted to know more about the real singer of this song, Chanelle Ray. Who was Chanelle Ray?

Here is what I found out:

Chanelle Ray is a R&B singer-songwriter out of Orlando, Florida. A brief view of her MySpace page told me that not only is she a talented singer, she also models and acts! A very talented lady indeed. Chanelle started singing at a very young age and has already begun to build an impressive resume' for someone who has just turned 20. She has opened for Chris Brown, Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross. Shes modeled in both the 2008 Underground Couture Fashion Show and the 2008 FAMU Show in Seattle, Washington. Her debut song "Star Struck "is getting major play on Power 95.3 in Florida as well as great feedback from listeners.

I don't really know how the mix-up between the Chanelles' started, but I am glad that we got it all straight now. As for Chanelle of U.K. Big Brother fame, we do not have any information that she is working on any music at this time. Our sources did tell us that she is currently in talks about a new T.V. dating show. So for the record you can add an additional half hour (courtesy of yours truly) to her 15 minutes of fame for those that are keeping track. We wish both of them good luck with their future projects. However, we think Ms. Ray has got enough talent on her side that luck may not be necessary.

Want to find out more about Chanelle Ray?

Thank you Chanelle Ray for letting us put together an "Unofficial Video for Star Struck".

Here is a link to the video now appearing on You Tube.