The Boss Is Back - Deshonia Ready For The Big Game!

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Story by - Staff
Photo: Lens B of LB Digital Designs

Okay since we all can't be in Florida for Sunday's Super Bowl game between The Arizona Cardinals and The Pittsburgh Steelers. I thought I would bring you the next best thing. Ms. Deshonia is back! The Boss Lady is back to give you something to look at before the big game...or half-time or heck how about during the game! Don't you wish all the refs. looked like this!

We first came across the Houston, Tx model about a month ago in our First Look series "Houston We Do Not Have A Problem"
We saw her picture quite by mistake while working on another story and we are glad that we did. This time we finally got a chance to sit down with this busy lady for an interview.

Become: Well Deshonia, so glad that we caught up with you for an interview. Thanks a lot. So how did you get started in modeling?

Deshonia: A photogrpher name Herman Shelton came to my BlackPlanet page one day and asked me have I ever thought about modeling and I told him yeah because I always take pics of we set up a shoot.

Become: Wow. Thank you Herman. How long have you been a model?

Deshonia: I have been modeling since January 2007.

Become: We just gotta ask. What is your sexiest body part?

Deshonia: My whole body of course (laughing) but no really my legs even though I'm only 5'4 I have the most beautiful and softest legs ever (I NEVER HAVE TO SHAVE).

Become: We see that. So where are you from originally?

Deshonia: I'm from Galvetson,Texas raised in Texas City,Texas now living in Houston,Texas. Where I grew up it was crazy and still is. Some people call it the Country but I call it home.

Become: Never been to Texas, but it sounds cool. What type of child were you growing up in Texas?

Deshonia: I was a tomboy and girlie together sometimes I was this and sometimes I was that, but I knew I would grow out of all of that and become the beautiful young lady I am today.

Become: Yes you are. I guess that is why you are modeling right? (smiling) What do you like or dislike about modeling so far.

Deshonia: I kinda enjoy everything about it, I just dislike that you have to do so much to get known but stuff like this is never easy so I have become use to it.

Become: Yeah. It is really hard for someone to get their name out there you know? That is why we do interviews and stuff like this to help get the up coming models names out there. Besides modeling what other talents do you have?

: I can dance

Become: Putting those legs to work right? So if you could pick a candy that best describes you what would it be and why?

Deshonia: Jaw Breaker (laughing) because it remind me of the straight men and gay women that break there neck to holla at me (laughing).

Become: You got them from both sides comin' and going. Sounds like you got a lot of fans so where can they check you out at?

modelmayhem. com/deshonia
myspace. com/trueyellafreak

What's the next move for Deshonia?

Deshonia: My next move is school which I'm currently attending and really just praying that one day the right person will see me and they see the skills that I have to be the next eye kandi model or video girl.

Become: We have a feeling your wait will be short. Thanks for sitting down this us.


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