Next Door Hottie - Daneita

Jan 29, 2009 Leave a Comment

Story: Staff

Is Massachusetts really becoming the new come up? I don't know but this is the second model from the Mass. this month for us. First Sierra and now Daneita. We don't know a lot about this model yet but hopefully we will get an interview with her or something. She has a great look and a great we just had to show her to you all. Out of the hundreds of pictures we look at each month. Our staff voted for Daneita as Become Girl of the Month. Congrats Daneita!

The 22 year old models site is under construction right now so we can not give you much more. But we have a feeling you will hear more from our new favorite talent spot Massachusetts
and from Daneita.
Mass. holla at us!! We listening!


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    WOW!!! Great curves!!

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