Featured Model Ralphie - Oooh Fuuudge!

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Okay as you can see this is not the Ralphie from the movie a "Christmas Story." You know the one where a little boy wants to get a BB gun for Christmas but he keeps being told that he will shoot his eye out! We couldn't help but quote him in the story title. But don't shoot your eye out just yet or you will miss this months featured model.

Her name is Jennifer but she says everybody just calls her "Ralphie." "It has been a nickname for years," says the beauty.

She is currently in school to be a radiology tech. She also bartends at Mavericks located in Jacksonville, Florida where she lives. The single mother to a 5 year old boy likes anything thrilling and exciting. 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, rock climbing, bunjee jumping, basically anything that gets her heart pumping. Looking at her pictures is sure to get your heart pumping too.We got a chance to sit down with the 24 year old model recently for an interview:

Become Magazine: Hi Raphie. Your portfolio is wonderful and creative.
Ralphie: Thank you for the compliment.
Become Magazine: How did you get started in modeling?
Ralphie: I started modeling through T.V. commercials and Hawaiian Tropics.
Become Magazine: What are your measurements?
Ralphie: 34 - 25 -34
Become Magazine: So how long have you been modeling?
Ralphie: I've been modeling now for about 6 or 7 years.
Become Magazine: You have a great look! What is your ethnic background?
Ralphie: Wow! Thank you! My Mother is Filipina and my Father is Irish/ Italian.
Become Magazine: Really. So where are you from and what was it like growing up there?
Ralphie: I was born in Virginia and raised in Woolwine. It's a small town and we had a farm there when I was younger. We still have a couple houses up there. It was truly a great experience. Growing up in a small town is something I loved. You learn more about values and morals and how to appreciate the simple things. We rode horses and 4 wheelers and hiked and church every Sunday and bible school. I want the same thing for my children one day (smiling).

Become Magazine: Children are great. Speaking of children, what type of child were you?
Ralphie: I was a tomboy and a girlie girl. I loved sports but I also loved painting my nails and dressing up.
Become Magazine: After seven years in the business what do you like about modeling so far?
Ralphie: I like being able to travel and all the things I can do for others. Esp the military. Since I was raised in a military family it means a lot to be a Patriot Girl and to help support and boost moral for the troops through pictures an posters. (I'd like to say hello to my 2/9 Marines in Iraq!! All 800 of them in the battalion!!)

Become Magazine: That's really cool that you support our troops like that. If you could pick a candy that best describes you what would it be and why?
Ralphie: Extra's Watermelon Bubblegum...because it's sweet and bubbly (laughing).
Become Magazine: You seem sweet and bubbly. What would you say is your favorite color?
Ralphie: My favorite color is Blue!!
Become Magazine: You look great in blue. Or red or yellow or most anything we think (laughing). What do you think is your sexiest body part?
Ralphie: Oh jeez, I don't know what my sexiest body part is... (laughing) Maybe my smile?? Does that count? Do teeth count (laughing)?

Become Magazine: Yes, we will count that. Smiles are great! Besides modeling what other talents do you have?
Ralphie: I dance, and sing. I've done commercials and been in a couple movies. I also do this crazy finger thing with my hands... I think my fingers are double jointed (laughing).
Become Magazine: Wow. That is crazy (laughing). So what was the best advise that someone has ever given to you?
Ralphie: Not to take things too seriously, we only live once and if you want to make an impression on this earth you only get that one chance so don't hold back. Be yourself and do you. (smiling)

Become Magazine: That's real good advise. Since we are talking about advise. What advise could you give someone who wants to start modeling?

Ralphie: Get out there! Work with photographers and talk to other models. People will help more than you think they would.
Become Magazine: Where can fans check you out?

(That's my Marine 2/9 page.)

Become Magazine: So what's next for you?
Ralphie: I'm not sure. Right now, I'm just trying to be the best mother I know how to be and to continue supporting our military. I guess you'll just have to keep a look out for me!
Become Magazine: We will do that for sure. Thank you Ralphie for taking the time to answer a few questions for us and your fans.
Ralphie: You're welcome!!!


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